Thursday, 16 June 2011

Things I HAVE made, and am quite proud of, I have to say;)!

A classy nanna rug for my dear sister Catty! 

A tiny strawberry hat for a certain Clementine of whom we are soon to meet;)! 

Some common, garden variety peas in pods and the aforementioned revolutionary carrot! 

 A rather large strawberry and a bunch of grapes

Some plush pink bunny slippers (just like in the movies!) for a very lovely sister-in-law 

Some Easter treats for the lovely Hobart shop Ruby's Room! 

 Some severely visually impaired mice...

 I like the idea of 'food in hair'...

 A little turtle for my good friend Yoko!

A Dinosaur suit for my dear little nephew Fergusaurus!?

Mega and mini wedding cakes!

Things I'd LOVE to make one day:

And some fruit, for good measure!

spot the crochet...

crocheted savoury treats:P!

Of course, you need some savoury to balance out all the sweet...


Of course, I've had to do some research by making real cakes long the way...

let them eat cake!?

Soon I shared my cakes with the public at various markets about Hobart...

It was a simple formula of multipliCAKEtion!?

Soon, I was ravenous for crocheted cakes!

surely one thing led to anther, and cupcakes were popping up all over the place...

But how was I to proceed from a carrot??

And, as the days passed, I was happy with my carrot, but still wanted a little more... and so I created... a cupcake!

(In keeping the tradition I'd set for myself, a lot of my crocheting takes place in the car, hence the lovely Corona dashboard backdrop;)!)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It all began on one long bus trip...

[insert wavy lines across screen like in movies when people remember things here...] when I was convinced that a crochet carrot was the thing that was missing in my life. "Yes," my lovely sister and travel buddy at the time enthusiastically concurred, and that was that.